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  • October 4, 2013

Directions for Chuck-Hole Patch

Directions for Chuck-Hole Patch

Directions for Chuck-Hole Patch 150 150 Royal Oil Co.

STEP 1 – Locate and mark all chuck-holes and broken areas. Brush or sweep all dust and loose
aggregate from each chuckhole. Clean each one down to a firm base.

STEP 2 – Paint the chuck-hole sparingly with SEAL-TITE or a suitable Asphalt Primer. DO NOT
allow SEAL-TITE to puddle in the bottom of the hole. Allow the primer to cure a minimum of two

STEP 3 – Fill the chuck-hole heaping full of CHUCK-HOLE PATCH. Tamp it into place with a
crown effect—about one-half inch higher in the middle of the chuck-hole than at the edges.
CHUCK-HOLE PATCH requires approximately 12 hours setting time, so allow it to set overnight.
It takes approximately one 6 gallon container to fill a volume 3 inches deep and 2 feet in diameter
or a hole 3 inches deep, 1.5 feet wide, 2 feet long.

STEP 4 – SEAL-TITE may be used to seal over repaired areas, only after they have cured to a
firm surface for several weeks.

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