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  • October 14, 2013

Directions for Use: Aluminum Kiln-Kote

Directions for Use: Aluminum Kiln-Kote

Directions for Use: Aluminum Kiln-Kote 150 150 Royal Oil Co.

Ready to apply as it comes from the pail. No thinning is required. The high content of the pure
aluminum pigment will settle during shipment but is easily stirred back into suspension before
application with brush, roller or spray. Apply only to interior walls, decking and ceiling surfaces.
ALUMINUM KILN-KOTE should not be applied to fans, fan blades, thermostats or other
mechanical operating parts. It is not recommended for use in brick or tile processing kilns.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: ALUMINUM KILN-KOTE has penetrating properties that aid in
creating an effective vapor barrier. For that reason, coverage rates vary depending on the
porosity of the surface it is applied to. The following rates are guidelines only.

NON-POROUS SURFACES (Aluminum or Other Metal): 1 gallon per 300-350 square feet.

MODERATELY POROUS SURFACES (Concrete Block or Brick): 1 gallon per 200-250 square

VERY POROUS SURFACES (Haydite or Cinder Block): 1 gallon per 100-150 square feet.

If possible, leave kiln open and inoperative for 48 hours to allow product to fully cure. If kiln must
be used sooner, small superficial blemishes may develop on the sealed surface and dripping
may occur.

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