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  • October 14, 2013

Directions for Use: Seal-Tite Asphalt Sealant

Directions for Use: Seal-Tite Asphalt Sealant

Directions for Use: Seal-Tite Asphalt Sealant 150 150 Royal Oil Co.

Newly laid asphalt surfaces should cure at least nine months before applying SEAL-TITE to al-
low for the proper setting up time.

Easy To Use

SEAL-TITE comes ready to use. No heating. No thinning.

STEP 1 – Clean surface to be coated with a stiff brush or broom, or pressure air, removing all

sand, gravel and dirt. Grease and oil residue should be removed. If possible, wash

and allow surface to dry.

STEP 2 – Apply SEAL-TITE as it comes from the container, using brush, squeegee or spray. Ap-
plication rates should not normally exceed 1½ – 2 gallons per 100 sq. ft.

STEP 3 – Be sure SEAL-TITE is applied into cracks and voids during application. Do not allow

puddles to remain. Remove by brushing material from low areas.

Under normal conditions, the area sealed with SEAL-TITE is dry to the touch within a few hours.

A “trial run” may be made to determine the seal’s tackiness and whether the area is ready for

normal traffic. Always allow extra curing time whenever possible.

SEAL-TITE should not be applied to new asphalt pavements (less than nine months) as softening

may occur. Some asphalt pavements are highly absorbent. Test a small area to ensure optimum


COVERAGE: Maximum Coverage rate for SEAL-TITE is 1½ – 2 gallons per 100 sq.

ft. (Note: In most circumstances 1½ gallons of SEAL-TITE per 100

sq. ft. is sufficient for proper coverage. However, with extremely po-
rous asphalt paving with a very rough surface, up to 2 gallons may

be needed per 100 sq. ft.) Do not allow SEAL-TITE to remain in

“puddles.” Allow adequate drying time.

Companion Products Are:

POURABLE CRACK FILLER – a ready to use, chemically modified rubberized asphalt emulsion

that seals cracks in black-top surfaces.

COLD-FLOW – a thicker asphalt emulsion designed to fill in and seal aging alligatored areas on

black-top surfaces.

CHUCK-HOLE PATCH- Ideal for repairing small holes and broken areas in black-top or asphalt

paved areas. Comes ready to use.

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