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What if we told you we had a multi-viscosity gear oil that will dramatically reduced temperatures, never emulsify with water and has a color coded additive to warn you when the oil has oxidized and needs to be changed? Is that something you would be interested in?

When you think 646, think heavily loaded industrial gears, stationary gear boxes and slower moving heavy equipment requiring a GL-4 or GL-5. Gear sets that are prone to moisture contamination are a perfect candidate for 646.

Industry Best Non-Foaming
Reduces temperatures and prolongs life of oil and components.
Adhesive and Cohesive
Climbs, crawls, coats and protects metal surfaces during use, at rest and at start up.
Zero Emulsification
Far superior in its capability to resist emulsification, drawn off excess water and get back to work.
Color Coded Life Indicator
646 SUPREME will turn color when key additives have been depleted.

High speed gear sets in small reservoirs, such as rear differentials, are a nightmare for traditional gear oils. What if we told you we took our most unique product (646) and designed a version specifically for higher speeds, higher heat and smaller reservoirs?

Trucking/Transportation is the perfect industry for UNIVERSAL GEAR LUBE. The high speed, small reservoir rear differentials are a prime example of hard working, high heat applications needing UGL.

Industry Best Non-Foaming
Reduces temperatures and prolongs life of oil and components.
Splash and Coat
Fluid enough to flow through a gear case and enough tack to coat gears.
Built to Handle Heat
Fights on two fronts by reducing temps, but designed to handle naturally hotter applications.
Long Life
Handling heat, resisting oxidation and changes in viscosity UGL is a value.

We had a customer running track equipment far too long, far too fast and over too great a distance.  While in the field they were losing final drives monthly, if the oil wasn’t changed at 150-200 hours.  After contacting us and honestly explaining their predicament, we designed and introduced POWER TRANS FD.  With our no-charge oil analysis, they are seeing regular drains of 1000 plus hours.

Change the way your maintain final drives and planetary gear drives!

More Than Double the Zinc
More than twice the anti-wear required by CAT for track equipment.
Superior Non-Foaming
With a boosted non-foaming package POWER-TRANS FD makes quick work of any heat issues.
Not only a perfect fit for CAT TO-4 fluids, also for use where Allison C-4 trans fluids (50 wt.) are recommended.
Resists Breakdown
The combination of quality base oils and a heavily boosted additive package, POWER-TRANS FD is the answer for track equipment and many transmission applications.

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