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  • October 4, 2013

REXROC CURING AGENT – Application & Surface Preparation

REXROC CURING AGENT – Application & Surface Preparation

REXROC CURING AGENT – Application & Surface Preparation 150 150 Royal Oil Co.


Clean surface for repair, removing loose debris, disintegrated concrete, oil, grease and dirt. Flush the area thoroughly REXROC is a one component cement that sets up ready for traffic in less than one hour. Almost three times stronger than concrete, it can be used to repair all types of concrete structures: steps, walkways, fence posts, loading docks, and many other areas. Loading Docks Concrete Steps Concrete Chuck Holes Parking Decks Installation of Bolts in Concrete Floors Bridge Railings Concrete Curbs Freezer Rooms Fence Posts Metal Railings with clean water and allow to dry. A dry surface ensures a better bond.

At room temperature, the mixing and pouring procedure should take no longer than 10 minutes as its initial set time is 10 to 15 minutes. The warmer the ambient temperature and temperature of the surface to be repaired, the faster the cure time. Cold temperatures slow down the cure time. In very cold temperatures, it may be necessary to warm the surface before filling. To mix, add ½ gallon of water to 50 pounds of REXROC. Mix for one minute, making sure that all the dry powder is wetted and stirred thoroughly. Caution should be taken when handling the mixture at this point – it becomes very hot! After thorough mixing, pour the material into the hole, working it in to assure a good bond. Next, screed off the patch and level it with the surrounding concrete.

One 50 pound container of REXROC mixed with ½ gallon of water will cover 10
square feet, ½ inch thick.

For deep patches, add extra aggregate during the mixing procedure at a rate of up to 30 pounds per 50 pounds of REXROC.

As soon as possible, clean tools with clean water before the mixing sets up. Set up time is 10 – 15 minutes.

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