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  • March 27, 2014

TDI Fleet Services & Royal Oil Co.

TDI Fleet Services & Royal Oil Co.

TDI Fleet Services & Royal Oil Co. 1024 507 Royal Oil Co.

When we design and manufacture products for our customers we dedicate ourselves to a process.  That process includes the purchase of high quality raw materials, not deviating from successful formulations, quality control testing and precision performance as an end result.  We take this same approach when looking for individuals or companies to represent Royal Oil Co. and our product line.  We are meticulous in our search for quality and integrity. Understanding the true potential of preventive maintenance can truly change the profitability of a company and our latest partner in this industry has built a business on this belief.  Royal Oil Co. is proud to announce that TDI Fleet Services of Fort Worth will now have access to our entire line of specialty lubricants and industrial products.

TDI Fleet Services and Royal Oil Co. understand the opportunities and responsibilities of our industries and are both dedicated to strengthening local businesses.  Fort Worth is an incredible place to hang your hat, but also it is a prime location to run a business.  With growth around every corner, new industries and new development at every turn, Fort Worth continues to rank as one of the strongest economic landscapes in the country.  If you operate over the road trucks and trailers in the DFW area, rely on efficiency in every mile; visit TDI Fleet Services and see how a true group of professionals can put you on the road to profitability.

TDI Fleet Services

300 NE 32nd St

Fort Worth, TX 76106


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