• By corey
  • August 12, 2014

The Tightrope of Lubricant Bidding

The Tightrope of Lubricant Bidding

The Tightrope of Lubricant Bidding 1024 683 Royal Oil Co.

Almost anybody who has ever used or sold lubricants has heard of firms or municipalities having lubricant companies bid prices for their products. The goal of lubricant bidding is often to find the cheapest product line possible. When a company bids out for the cheapest lubricants possible, that company is walking on a thousand mile tightrope; they will eventually fall, it’s just a matter of when. And even though firms and municipalities are trending away from lubricant bidding, the process is still very much alive.

While cheap low-quality lubricants save money initially, the cost of equipment failure, replacement parts, and lost production are not accounted for when a company just looks at the initial purchasing cost of lubricants.These losses are the fall off the tightrope. And all it takes to fix this problem is looking at a specification sheet. Comparing product specifications of different brands is the most important part of purchasing lubricants. Period.

The next time you need to purchase lubricants, look at the spec sheet of the product(s) you need and call your sales rep or the company headquarters. If understanding some specifications is difficult, we will be happy to help.

As for pricing, when you look at the reduction in lubricant consumption, equipment failure, and maintenance cost that a high-quality lubricant can give you, even at a slightly higher purchase price, there’s no denying what product line really saves you money.


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