X-Celerate: For More Than Crops

X-Celerate: For More Than Crops

X-Celerate: For More Than Crops 1024 231 Royal Oil Co.

X-CELERATE is more than meets the eye. With a proven track record, X-CELERATE has exceeded the expectations of satisfied customers who have used the product. However, the most exciting part about the success of these past years is that the potential is even higher than what has been realized.

In Central Florida a customer has a large ranch operation. On this ranch many areas are dirt roads and dusty areas. While much of Florida receives plenty of rainfall, this ranch is in an area that receives less rainfall. Six years ago, when a Royal Sales Representative stopped by to introduce Royal Oil Co., the product that jumped out first at this customer was X-CELERATE and its dust control ability.
In the years since this customer first used X-CELERATE to control dust he has consistently used X-CELERATE when applying herbicides and fertilizers to his hayfields. The results have been amazing. The dusty conditions are things of the past and the hayfields have never looked better.

A rock quarry had a major nuisance. The problem areas were in both safety and cleanliness. During the hot summer months the constant flow of dump trucks and heavy equipment made quite a dust storm.
The dust heavily impeded the visibility of truck and equipment operators. This made safety around the pit dangerous. In addition, inside the weigh station was a thick covering of dust.

X-CELERATE offered a solution to the pesky problem. Using a 1:1,000 ratio the dust became a thing of the past. Plus the safety aspects of the clouded vision went away.

This quarry had previously been using a water tank truck to spray only water every hour. This still wasn’t enough on most days. Besides the cost of water, the quarry was paying a driver to spend an entire shift filling and then driving a water tank truck. After the X-CELERATE was added to the water, the time between applications grew to about once every 2.5 hours. What a tremendous savings in time and money!

X-CELERATE has been very successful for several operations that chip up their own mulch and then dye it various colors to resell. In these operations the companies encounter a magnitude of complications they must overcome to correctly dye the mulch. Sometimes the wood is too hard to penetrate effectively. At times it is too dry and will not accept the mulch very deep. The type of wood and the color of the dye also have a bearing on whether the dyeing treatment is a success or not.

One company, prior to using X-CELERATE, would literally soak their wood chips overnight in order for them to accept the dye deep enough to be effective. Another company was only able to except a certain type of lumber because they could not get the dye they were using to penetrate the chips at all.
X-CELERATE has offered solutions to these mind boggling problems. Most have found that adding one quart to the 275 gallon tote of dye solves the issues.

Road construction is a very complicated task that has several areas where X-CELERATE could potentially make a huge difference for the customer. In order to build a road you either have to A) do dirt work to clear and prep the new road, or B) grind up the existing asphalt. Both options offer promise for X-CELERATE performance.

For the dirt work new construction, the X-CELERATE can be applied at 1:1,000 in a water truck to eliminate dust. This allows the construction to be quicker, safer, and with less complaints from individuals with homes/businesses near the new road. All of these are areas of headache for the job foreman.

As for the regrinding of the asphalt…this is done with a piece of heavy equipment that has large spiced teeth to literally chew up the asphalt. As temperatures rise so do the headaches involved with this operation. For example, many areas used to walk in front of the equipment with a pump sprayer and douse the asphalt with diesel. This would keep the asphalt from sticking to and gumming up the grinding teeth. As the EPA cracks down on the harmful side effects the diesel could cause on the environment, the companies are looking for new alternatives.

X-CELERATE applied at 8-12 oz. per 3 gallon sprayer will do the trick. Plus since it is used on crops it is environmentally friendly!

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