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Holding A Royal Flush 1024 640 Royal Oil Co.

Holding A Royal Flush

10 of SPADES- DSL-MAX It is no secret that current diesel fuel regulations allow for more problems and concerns than the industry has ever seen. Some of these problems include…

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Six Products for a Killer Summer! 228 224 Royal Oil Co.

Six Products for a Killer Summer!

ULTIMA 2100 Over the past two years customers and salespeople alike are realizing the full potential of Ultima 2100. Ultima’s 100 lb. Timken OK Load and 570 F maximum operating temperature…

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Royal Oil Co a partner with agriculture
Ruby Red II & Tier 4 Engines 1024 515 Royal Oil Co.

Ruby Red II & Tier 4 Engines

Ruby Red II Engine Oil Exceeds the Challenge Presented By Tier 4 Engines Engines using exhaust aftertreatment technology significantly increase the demands put on the engine oil and its performance.…

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