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  • August 8, 2014

Authenticated: The Best of the Best

Authenticated: The Best of the Best

Authenticated: The Best of the Best 800 600 Royal Oil Co.

It is one thing to stand up and proclaim that your are the very best at what you do.  It is something else entirely when someone else stands beside you and also makes the claim.  It is an exciting time here at Royal Oil Co., not only do we have those valued friends and customers that vouch for the quality of our products, but we now have even more. The TractorLife.com AUTHETICATED Program is one of the most unique and powerful ways lubricant users have been educated in decades, if not ever.  Read through this article and learn more about TractorLife.com, the powerful partnership with Royal Oil Co. and how to truly help torque/tractor fluid users get the most out of every drop.

WHAT DOES “AUTHENTICATED” MEAN? The engineers at TractorLife.com have researched countless products and the issues inherent with running “traditional” tractor fluids.  After years of research, a new standard has been set.  Fluids are submitted for review and put through a stringent testing process or formula review.  If the submitted fluid meets the extremely high standard, which is much higher than OEM recommendations, an “AUTHENTICATED” seal like the one shown above is awarded.  Both Royal’s ULTRA TORQUE and ROYAL TORQUE have been approved as superior tractor fluids through this program.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES TO USING AN “AUTHENTICATED” PRODUCT? The common issues with OEM packaged or major retail brand torque/tractor fluids are many.  The superior quality materials and design that have been recognized by TractorLife.com, combat these costly issues and provide the user with better performance and reduced downtime.  With higher levels of anti-wear ROYAL TORQUE and ULTRA TORQUE help dramatically extend the life of equipment.  Reducing foaming is a key characteristic as well.  Reducing foaming not only lowers temperatures, reduces the formation of deposits, provides better response, but it extends the service life of the oil itself.  For more in depth details please visit www.TractorLife.com and learn more about the “AUTHENTICATED” Royal Oil Co. products.

HOW DO WE STACK UP AGAINST OTHER “AUTHENTICATED PRODUCTS? I have said before, “Our job is to educate customers and drive them towards premium quality lubricants”.  My doing so they see better results, experience less downtime and truly learn the value of spending a little more and saving many times over.  One reason, we look at our industry this way…because we are truly the best of the best.  For example, look below.  Of all the other TractorLife.com “AUTHENTICATED” fluids, ROYAL TORQUE and ULTRA TORQUE are leaders in two critical areas; VISCOSITY INDEX and ANTI-WEAR levels.

TractorLife.com and ROYAL…NOW WHAT? Now the fun begins! The “AUTHENTICATION” process is complete. You can go to www.tractorlife.com and take a look at their informative videos and articles about this great process. You can also contact us here at Royal for more information about ROYAL TORQUE and ULTRA TORQUE

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