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  • September 15, 2015

Hot New Products

Hot New Products

Hot New Products 1024 683 Royal Oil Co.

DSL-MAX Fuel Conditioner:  Not Your Grandad’s Additive

If there is one part of our industry that has seen numerous high impact changes over the better part of the last decade, it is diesel fuel.  Bio diesel offers the added lubricity demanded by OEMs, however it brings with it serious issues and with B5 (5% bio diesel) the standard for the industry, no one is avoiding problems.  The biggest money wasters are easily increased water, poor cold weather performance and a lack of stability

DSL-MAX (pronounced Diesel Max) represents the latest in fuel additive technology and does it in spades!  A complete diesel fuel treatment package , DSL-MAX offers the water shedding chemistry fuel manufacturers want.  In addition, the ability of DSL-MAX to stabilize fuel is perhaps the most critical.  Why?  With today’s higher temperature, higher pressure injection systems, fuel breaking down internally causes injector failure at a rapid pace.  By stabilizing the fuel, not only do you avoid injector deposits, but you get a more complete burn and maximize BTU output.  The detergent package found in DSL-MAX is also an industry tops-cleaning deposits from previously untreated fuel and keeping the system clean moving forward.  With a complete winterizing additive package, DSL-MAX lowers the CFPP by 25 to 30 degrees, making it a must have for cold weather operation.  By the way, of the top diesel fuel additives on the market, DSL-MAX was number one at reducing wear within the fuel system.  Just consider that an added bonus!


EFT 2550:  Must Have Insurance For Diesel Fuel

The X Factor with fuel is the condition of the fuel when it goes into your tank.  Even with Dual Guard 12 and the NEW DSL-MAX, if the fuel has an insufficient CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) gelling or freezing in filters or lines can occur, especially when the temperatures drop drastically.  EFT (Emergency Fuel Treatment) 2550 lives up to its name.  Adding EFT 2550 at 25:1 or 50:1 ratios will de-ice or de-gel fuel quickly and get equipment running again!


ROYAL SHIELD Engine Oil:  Good Golly Miss Moly

What do you get when you take an industry best, high TBN (14) CJ-4 oil and add a top of the line solubilized molybdenum disulfide additive?  You get ROYAL SHIELD!  Now our customers have the cleanliness and film strength of Ruby Red II and the additional power of anti-wear and friction reduction for increased fuel economy and protection to vital components.  ROYAL SHIELD is the most technologically advanced product in our line and your customers will see and feel the difference with every mile they put in behind the wheel.  At a time when parts and engine service prices are at an all time high…ROYAL SHIELD is here to put the power back in the hands or crankcase of our customers!


WIRE ROPE LUBE:  It Starts On The Inside

Royal’s newly reformulated WIRE ROPE LUBE is not the most technically designed product in our line, however the science behind it is no less fascinating or effective.  Designed to offer TWO primary functions, WIRE ROPE LUBE will quickly become a favorite for any operation that battles the issues inherent with running wire ropes or cables.  Brushed, sprayed or dipped in a vat; once WIRE ROPE LUBE is on specifically selected base oils begin to penetrate to the core of the wire rope or cable; the place where failures begin.  Once the core and surrounding fibers are lubricated, a protective coating or barrier is formed on the outside to prevent exposure from the elements.  This one two punch saves our customers thousands!


HUB PRO PLUS:  Must Have “Insurance” for Diesel Fuel

For any customers in the trucking industry or those that transport equipment using their own trailers, dealing with the lubrication of trailer wheel hubs is simply a headache they must face.  That stops today!  Introducing HUB PRO PLUS, the semi-fluid #00 grease comes in a convenient quart sized bottle with squirt tip.  Remove the plug on the sight glass reservoir and squirt in this phenomenal product.  With its extreme ability to resist break down from water, its 80lb Timken OK Load and excellent extreme pressure chemistry, HUB PRO PLUS is THE solution to trailer wheel hub lubrication.


MOLY-TACK CHAIN LUBE:  “The” Chain Lube To Beat Them All

Like HUB PRO PLUS, MOLY-TACK CHAIN LUBE is packaged in a convenient quart sized bottle with squirt applicator.  Know a farmer or hay grower, then you know someone with bailer chain issues.  Do them a favor and stop by and tell them about MOLY-TACK…they will thank you. With excellent EP additives and molybdenum disulfide technology, MOLY-TACK CHAIN LUBE is a must introduce!

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