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  • February 24, 2014

Tirego: Doing things “The Right Way!”

Tirego: Doing things “The Right Way!”

Tirego: Doing things “The Right Way!” 1024 405 Royal Oil Co.

If your father is or was anything like mine, you have heard the “doing things the right way” speech on more than one occasion.  As a father now, as most parents do, I find myself   regurgitating the same old speech about quality work and contributions you are proud to put your name on.  As most of us experience, there is more truth to that old speech than any of us would like to admit.  As adults, parents, employees or business owners the only things more valuable than quality and “doing things the right way”, is the very moment you realize that it truly makes a world of difference.

At Royal Oil Co. we offer solutions to problems, answers to questions and a line of products that were developed the “right way”.  Whether you picked up a case of grease when our doors opened in 1926 or a pail of oil was delivered to your door yesterday, you can rest assured we heard our father’s speech  about “doing things the right way”. More importantly…Royal listened.

Few products stand out more in their respective industries than Royal Oil Co.’s TIREGO.  If you want to talk about a product that is truly made the right way, this is a great place to start.  Its been called everything from Royal Seal to The Pink Stuff, but no matter how they ask for it TIREGO quality is what people are seeking.  When you ask someone who has used TIREGO along with other various products on the market, they will certainly tell you that Royal’s product would meet your father’s standards.  Take a look at a two key reasons TIREGO is number one amongst quality seeker’s and discriminating distributors.  The quality and performance is no mistake, it’s the result of building products “the right way”!


Puncture seal manufacturers have used everything from ground up rubber to recycled paper materials in their products.  The idea, send enough “stuff” flying into the puncture to make it seal and stop leaking.  At Royal Oil Co. we took a different approach.  In every pint of TIREGO there are millions of synthetic hook shaped fibers designed to attack the puncture by locking together and forming a plug that locks into place.  The fibers connect to one another making the TIREGO plug both incredibly strong and pliable. Doing it “The Right Way” means specially designed materials and a plug that lasts, not selling recycled materials and passing them off as the best solution to combat downtime and breakdowns


When it comes to doing things “The Right Way”, this is where our ol’ Dad would be proud. Most of our competition utilize latex or acrylic watery based carriers for their plugging material. Royal Oil Co. spent the time and effort to develop a complex Gel-Matrix carrier that allows those Synthetic Hook Shaped

While the SYNTHETIC HOOK SHAPED FIBERS and the GEL-MATRIX chemistry give TIREGO the chemistry to outperform the competitors,  these characteristics separate us even more:  prevents bead leaks and welding of the tire to the rim,  reduces operating temperatures, prevents rust, contains anti-freeze for cold weather performance and it is safe to use.fibers to work as effectively as possible.  What is the advantage of our Gel-Matrix formula?  One, the fibers remain in suspension, evenly distributed and ready to work when the puncture occurs.  Two, the Gel-Matrix formula holds the fibers in a “ready to plug” position even up to 2000 RPMs, there is zero separation.  Third, the Gel-Matrix formula coats the fibers, allowing them to hook to one another while still forming a pliable, incredibly effective plug.  Compare TIREGO’s texture to that of a competitor.  The “gel” feel of TIREGO is so much different than the watery consistency of other products.  It is this chemistry that makes it so effective and dependable.




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