• By corey
  • March 20, 2014

Consider This…

Consider This…

Consider This… 1024 683 Royal Oil Co.

Farmers from coast to coast combat issues with hydraulic and tractor fluids every season and yet equipment manufacturers continue to recommend the same major brand or private labelled products.  One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to hear a hardworking, sun up to sundown farmer, say, “I never imagined there could be that much of a difference.”

I’ve said it before and those that know me will hear it another 10,000 times…“building a superior quality product is not the most challenging thing we do.  It is convincing people to let go of the “old way” of doing things and realize that investing in a superior quality torque fluid or hydraulic oil pays unimaginable dividends.

Consider this; Royal Torque utilizes superior quality base oils that are much cleaner from the start.  What does this mean?   Superior additive solubility, better thermal stability under high heat and better cold flow capabilities are all benefits of a better formula and manufacturing process.

Consider this; Royal Torque has more than double the anti-wear additives found in traditional hydraulic/torque fluids.  What does this mean?  Simple, reduce friction, reduce wear, reduce temperature, reduce wear particles, reduce oil breakdown and prolong the life of components and hydraulic pumps.

Consider this; Royal Torque utilizes a superior quality non-foaming additive and at a ratio that makes it highly effective.  What does this mean?  Foam is trapped air that acts as an insulator for heat.  Heat speeds the breakdown of the oil, is harmful to seal material and lends to the formation of varnish and lacquer buildup internally.  In addition, foaming causes a lag in hydraulic response.  Reduce foaming and you dramatically reduce temperatures, you have better response, reduce leaks through seal preservation and oil life is extended.

Consider this; Royal Torque’s key characteristics listed above are the reason it walks away from the ASTM D-943 Oxidation Test with an 8,000 hour oxidation rate.  What does this mean?  Look at your current hydraulic/torque fluid test results.

Be honest with yourself and your equipment.  Evaluate your drain interval, look at common issues such as leaking, pump failure, and poor response time in equipment.  I can guarantee running Royal Oil Co.’s Royal Torque will cost you less before this season has come to a close.

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