• By corey
  • December 4, 2015

Using the Right Tool for the Job: X-CELERATE

Using the Right Tool for the Job: X-CELERATE

Using the Right Tool for the Job: X-CELERATE 1024 576 Royal Oil Co.

None of us that ever tinkered, built, took apart, or modified; used our dad’s or grandad’s tools without hearing the words, “put it back where you found it.” There is good reason for this…it simply makes sense and is the right thing to do. I can think of one more phrase that was no doubt uttered by those that taught us the little rights and wrongs of getting through life. Even more relevant was my grandfather’s favorite, “use the right tools and get it done the first time.” It’s this gem of a piece of advice that we want to talk about today and exactly how it can change your outlook on the growing season.

A certain amount of life has to happen before you can fully appreciate the power of using the right tools and getting things done properly and on the first attempt. You see, shortcuts and second guesses are powerful tools in their own right. Shortcuts and second guesses teach us that the true VALUE of having the right tools and strategically solving problems is nearly immeasurable.

There is a multi-billion dollar battle raging in this country and it impacts all of us. The American farmer, from coast to coast and border to border, is fighting to be productive and profitable and the enemy cannot be reasoned with. Fortunately, when it comes to herbicide tolerant weeds and the inability to control them, Royal Oil Co. has the “right tools for the job!” Let us help you “get the job done right the first time.”

The weeds can be sneaky no longer! Most everyone in or around the farming community is aware of the growing issue of herbicide tolerant weeds. To bring you up to speed…crops have been modified to withstand the power of killing agents such as glyphosate, more commonly known as Roundup. This process allows the fields to be sprayed for rapidly growing weeds, helping to improve yield and profitability. This issue however, lies in the hands of nature. Over time, the weeds have become and are becoming more tolerant to the killing agents. With weeds’ tolerance building, the number of nutrient robbing, rapidly spreading weeds are becoming more and more of a costly issue nationwide.

The various bio-types of weeds have adapted to small amounts of glyphosate and other weed control chemicals. The most important part of the sentence above is “small.” With normal application techniques and rates there are some very easily understood reasons we are increasing tolerance in weeds and decreasing our chances of winning this fight.

  • Surface tension is the force that allows water to fall in a drop and the same force that allows a liquid to sit in a ball, atop a surface, without being absorbed. Basic rules of science dictate that the fluid will not break “itself” and soak into a surface if this tension of invisible field remains. When chemicals come into contact with the foliage of the weeds, the fluid will bead and either sit or simply roll off the plant. This means only trace amount of the killing agent is getting INTO the leaf, stalk or roots. These small amounts barely impact the plant and assist in building tolerance.
  • Evaporation is another natural enemy in our battle against the herbicide tolerant weeds. We have already determined, due to surface tension, that a substantial amount of the killing agent will never soak into the plant. Instead it simply rolls off onto the ground or sits beaded on the foliage. Now, as they say, here comes the sun. Evaporation is the process of heat from the sun turning liquids into vapor. Now the chemicals you purchased to combat your weeds have either run off or evaporated into the atmosphere with ZERO deep impact to the weed.
  • Think “vaccination.” One of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of mankind was the development of vaccines for various illnesses. Consider the modern flu shot some of us receive every year. The idea is to expose your system to a small dose of the flu virus to build tolerance towards that particular strain. Exposure in amounts that are tolerable or “non-lethal” is helpful to us as we battle illness. For a weed, the same thing occurs. By exposing the weeds to non-lethal amounts, the weeds have evolved and learned to grow in spite of their exposure. So what do we do?

The secret to the success of X-CELERATE is quite simple. It’s a better product that has proven itself to be the right tool for the fight against weeds. Take a quick look at the key benefits and how they apply to what we learned above. A proprietary blend, this water based surfactant offers excellent penetration and chemical solubility. This means that every drop of chemical sprayed has been treated with the right amount of X-CELERATE to allow penetration beyond the leaf, into the stock and deep within the root system. When X-CELERATE is used, expect massive reductions in run-off and evaporation. The addition of an industry premium non-foaming additive eliminates the need for a de-foamer and ensures that your chemicals go down evenly and without troublesome foaming. In your costly fight against weeds…do what your grandad told you, “use the right tool for the job.”

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