Back to Basics: Grease Specifications

Back to Basics: Grease Specifications

Back to Basics: Grease Specifications 1024 951 Royal Oil Co.

SPECIFICATION           Ultima 2100        EP Lube           Moly EP           Industry Average*

Timken OK Load           100 LB.               100 LB.           80LB.                70 LB.

4-Ball Wear Scar            0.33mm .           033mm            0.25mm           0.50mm

Max. Operating Temp    570°F                 250°F              250°F              412°F

Water Washout              0.67%                  1.3%                 1.3%              4.55%


TIMKEN OK LOAD (Higher is better)

The Timken OK Load is two things; 1.) the most well known grease specification and 2.) the least understood grease specification. According to The Timken Company, a grease with a Timken OK Load of 35 lbs. or over indicates that an Extreme Pressure additive is present. Of course logic dictates that the higher the Timken OK Load, the more EP additive is present.


4-BALL WEAR SCAR (Lower is better)

The 4-Ball wear test measures how much wear a grease allows on metal surfaces. Moly EP Lube takes the cake in this test with an amazing 0.25 mm! The next lowest are Ultima 2100 and EP Lube with 0.33 mm each.



This category is fairly self-explanatory. However, what most people get confused on is the Dropping Point. It is vital to note that a grease’s dropping point is typically 50 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit lower than its actual maximum operating temperature. As you can see, Ultima 2100 wins this race by a long shot. It is important to note that even though EP Lube and Moly EP have lower operating temperatures, some customers just do not need a high-temp grease.


WATER WASHOUT (Lower is better)

The water washout measures how much grease is washed away in the presence of water. Ultima 2100 loses the least amount with 0.67%. Next are EP Lube and Moly EP Lube.


*Average is based on specifications of six competitor greases, all compatible with EP Lube, Moly EP, and Ultima 2100. 

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