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  • February 4, 2015

Counting to Three Has Never Been so Easy!

Counting to Three Has Never Been so Easy!

Counting to Three Has Never Been so Easy! 1024 595 Royal Oil Co.

With an expansive line of products, Royal Oil Co. has a number of ways to help positively impact customer’s operations. However, even amidst our collection of top tier oils and greases, there are a handful of products that stand head and shoulders above all others in our industry. If you aren’t using one, two, or all of these products…your are missing opportunities that will change the way you purchase and utilize key products.


No other grease on the market offers the protection, versatility and performance that is found in a single tube of ULTIMA 2100. Most grease users will rate these four characteristics as their “reasons” for using the grease in their grease gun.

     TACKINESS: “A good stringy grease is important.”

     EP RATING: “We need a grease to handle heavy loads.”

     WATER RESISTANCE: “We need a grease that stays put.”

     TEMPERATURE CAPABILITY: “We like the higher temp greases.”

Now that we know what is important…its time to share each little piece that makes ULTIMA 2100 unique and truly the ULTIMATE grease for countless applications.

TACKINESS: ULTIMA 2100 is one of the stringiest/tackiest greases in the industry. These cohesive and adhesive characteristics are part of the design, to help improve protection and reduce consumption.

EP RATING: At 100 lbs., the Timken OK Load rating of ULTIMA 2100, is an industry high. This “top rated” extreme pressure capability means far better protection, reduced consumption and extended parts life.

WATER RESISTANCE: Perhaps the most impressive quality of ULTIMA 2100 is its ability to resist moisture and water contamination. With most “water resistant” greases registering water washout numbers in the 3% to 8% range-ULTIMA 2100’s 0.67% is truly remarkable.

TEMPERATURE CAPABILTIY: The 570F operating temp of ULTIMA 2100 far surpasses even some of the most extreme “non-melting” clay based greases


The most widely used and relied upon lubricant in most any industry…is hydraulic, tractor “fluid” or torque/trans oil. While these most often will fall under the standard for anti-wear (AW) hydraulic oil-these fluids are the most misunderstood and under valued of most any lubricant. The most common complaint we have from new and old customers alike… “my hydraulic systems leak too much to use a good product.” The issue truly lies in this line of thinking. Royal Torque’s unique formula offers performance enhancements in every critical area.

     MORE THAN DOUBLE the ANTI-WEAR additives of most fluids!

     INDUSTRY BEST NON-FOAMING to reduce heat and oxidation!

     OXIDATION RATE more than three times many traditional fluids!

The irony is…when other fluids fall short, damage begins that ultimately leads to leaks, pump failure and downtime. ROYAL TORQUE’s ability to reduce foam, means temperatures are reduced. When temperatures are reduced, seal life is extended and their performance is maximized. In addition, reducing heat helps to prevent oxidation and the formation of gum and varnish.


In nearly ninety years, Royal has not introduced a product that has had as large an immediate impact as X-CELERATE did in 2014. With our history heavily entrenched in the Ag industry, it was only fitting that our fastest growing product is one that has been embraced by countless customers in the farming community. You will not find a farmer or custom crop sprayer that is not familiar with “herbicide tolerant” weeds and the issues that come along with these monster plants. The incredible formulation and effectiveness of X-CELERATE, with all its added benefits, makes it THE product to use in a variety of spray applications this season.




     REDUCES NUMBER of APPLICATIONS needed to get results!



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