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  • September 8, 2014

Diesel Fuel’s BFF… Dual-Guard 12

Diesel Fuel’s BFF… Dual-Guard 12

Diesel Fuel’s BFF… Dual-Guard 12 1024 683 Royal Oil Co.

With all of the changes to fuel over the last seven years, it is critical to know that you have access to a product that can have your equipment running properly, well protected and not wasting time and money.  DUAL-GUARD 12 is one of the most powerful fuel additives in the industry today.


One of the biggest issues with diesel fuel today is poor thermal stability. Today’s fuel has a difficult time avoiding breakdown under operating temperatures and injection pressures.  The results…less fuel is burned and deposits in the form of lacquer and varnish are left behind.  The measure of power generated by burning diesel fuel is measured in BTUs.  The less fuel that is burned the less energy is released, leading to a loss in power.  This can be seen and felt in production time and effectiveness on the job site.  The formation of deposits leads to an entirely new set of issues that fall into the same problematic category.  The tacky consistency of varnish build up internally within the injection system leads to inefficient operation.  When injection systems do not operate properly, fuel is wasted and power is lost.  In addition, the formation of deposits will ultimately lead to injection failure, requiring costly repairs.  DUAL GARD 12 not only stabilizes the fuel to offer a more complete burn, maximizing BTUs and helping to prevent deposits; it also contains powerful detergents to help clean contaminated fuel systems and keep them clean…operating efficiently means more power and better fuel economy.


As ULSD arrived in 2007 lubricity was the primary concern from diesel fuel users and equipment manufacturers.  While it was warranted, adjustments have been made.  The HFRR test is measures the amount of wear allowed by diesel fuel and unfortunately the U.S. allows the most wear of any modernized country in the world.  So while the addition of bio-diesel has helped reduce wear, the fact is there is still much room for improvement, especially considering the tolerances in newer fuel systems. The lubricating chemistry found in DUAL GUARD 12 is designed to boost the lubricity of today’s bio-blended diesel fuel, making it much healthier for your expensive fuel system components.  Remember, reducing wear means extended components life, reduced temperatures and more efficient operation.


So we know we have poor thermal stability, breaking down under temperature and injection pressure.  We also know that bio-diesel has helped but not solved the lubricity issues.  Now we turn to one of the biggest headaches diesel fuel users consistently face every season…cold weather performance!  Bio-blended diesel fuel is made from a number of sources and while the product is “slicker” and offers some lubricating ability it inherently under performs in colder climates.  For diesel fuel users that want to help ensure that equipment fires up and runs efficiently during the winter months, DUAL GUARD 12 is recommended.  The 12 is DUAL GUARD 12 means twelve months.  This excellent multi-functional, year round product offers an exceptional pour depressant additive package.  When utilized with a quality winter grade diesel fuel, DUAL GUARD 12 can lower the CFPP by 25 to 30 degrees.  This can make the difference between making money on a cold day or losing money by the hour.



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